How to make beautiful campaign pictures for your merchandise

This blog will provide you some useful tips to get your campaign started and socialmedia-ready!
by Merle van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
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Creating your own merchandise is truly exciting and a way to express yourself in the form of clothing. Now that you created your personal designs, it’s time for you to show it to the world! But before you do that, it’s important to promote your campaign and for that, you need the perfect pictures. Because, let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter how you promote your campaign (by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, e-mail, or some other platform), you will always need pleasing pictures of your products to help push people to buy your apparel. That is why we will provide you some useful tips to get your campaign socialmedia-ready!

First of all, we highly recommend ordering some of your products before it gets launched, so you have enough time to shoot the perfect pictures. If your campaigns consist a range of apparel types, it may be a good idea to order different products, so that you can show your audience diversity. Now that you own the products, it’s time to get your camera out of the bag and start shooting! But what should you pay attention to?

Natural light is the key!
If you don't possess any professional camera, don’t worry! The camera’s on mobile phones these days will do perfectly fine for your shoot as well. But there is one thing you need to be careful with at all times, and that is looking for the perfect location. Locations that always works out are the ones with natural lighting. Shooting pictures in or outside a place with natural light will ensure you great quality photos. If you prefer something different, like shadows or a more even-toned, warm look, try to shoot your pictures at twilight hours at the beginning or end of the day.

Decide your Stage
To make your pictures more convincingly and attractive, you need to think about the right setting of the shoot. Your campaign is linked to a good cause or charity, so that is definitely something you can use for your pictures. For example, if you design a campaign that supports orphans, you can go to an orphan house and take pictures with the kids. This will end up in worthy pictures and your audience will appeal to them as well. The key is to try and share your story or cause in a creative way through your campaign pictures. In this way, you are not only showing your designs, but also sharing the underlying story.

Make your campaign pictures various
To make sure that your audience will not get bored during the promotion of the campaign, it’s important to make various pictures of your products. For example, if you want to show your t-shirt design, you can choose to take pictures of the product at different locations, but you can also use different models to show off. Especially whenever your t-shirt is a unisex size, it will be more convince to show your audience how the t-shirt looks on both sexes. Also, if your campaign includes different types of apparel, make sure that all of the products are shown in a various sort of photos. If you can mix and match some products together in one picture, it’s even better! If your campaign includes as well as a t-shirt as a bag or cap, let your models wear it all together! Therefore, whenever your audience see the picture, they don’t have to wonder about the origination: because it’s all yours!

Make your design visible
This one may seem obvious, but we feel like mentioning it anyway. Make sure that your apparel is clearly on every picture that you use. Especially when your campaign relies heavily on words to communicate its messages. We don’t say that every photo you use for your campaign has to be all about the words on your apparel, because otherwise you will find trouble when trying to be various at the same time. Just make sure that the words are not hidden by any object or by the model’s hair for example, otherwise you’ll be answering the question: “what does it say?” over, and over again. And you don’t want that. 

Details are important
Zoom in on the details! As we said before, we think shooting pictures of the models wearing the merchandise is essential for the campaign. On the other hand, we think that having close-up pictures of the artwork is also very valuable. This is especially important whenever there is a small and detailed design, which is hard to understand or read when you use pictures from a distance. If you are going to make a close-up photo of your design, try to lay the t-shirt on a flat surface in a room with bright natural light, and try to zoom in at the artwork.

Edit your photos thoughtfully
We already arrived at the last important point of the process: editing your campaign pictures. But be careful, because you don’t want your products to look different than they actually do. If you still feel like editing your pictures, we suggest using VSCO or something like Lightroom or Photoshop. But again, watch yourself editing the pictures. If you overedit the colours in the photo, the buyers can get upset or disappointed when the actual product arrives and is looking quite different than they expected it to be.
If after reading all of this, you’re still not sure of how to make beautiful campaign pictures that will look amazing and will help you sell more merchandise, then we suggest you follow our Yeefu Instagram account. Our Instagram feed is filled with amazing and great picture of previous campaigns. Don’t be afraid and get yourself inspired by others!

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