Our Story

A decade ago we came into bussiness helping companies, schools and individuals create beutifully design, great quality apparel. Overtime we became experts in the merchandising bussiness. Realising that the digital age upon us, we choose to invest in e-commerce as our enable for inspiration. Yeefu was born as a platform to inspire and to help others inspire through quality and meaningful merchandise. We work hand in hand with various artists, personalities and people who has the heart to help to share their positive by taking care of the entire fulfillment process. Partnering with non-profits and social enterprises that has dedicated their lives to helping the society, Yeefu will be able to tell thier inspirational story to million of fans.

Raise money for a meaningful cause

We created Yeefu lauch as an easy, risk-free way to sell merch for your bussiness or any cause without taking on any overhead, giving your customers & community a way to support you and/or your bussiness

Our Partners

We partnerd up with these non-profit organisations to contribute to their causes as we provide meaningful merchandise to fans around the world.

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