Why a Valentine’s Day related campaign is a winner

You probably don’t think about Valentine’s Day yet, but time goes faster than you think!
by Merle van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
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You probably don’t think about Valentine’s Day yet, but time goes faster than you think! The first month of the new year is almost over and let’s be honest, it went damn fast…

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s almost the most romantic time of the year again. In addition, the perfect moment to launch a campaign as well! How nice would it be if you could launch a Valentine’s Day related campaign? And even better: this does not have to be difficult at all! All you need is a lot of love that you are willing to put into designing your merchandise. Together, we can develop a great, loving merchandise campaign for you and all your fans. Curious? Keep reading to find out how you can achieve this together with Yeefu.

You have probably thought of designing merchandise before (or not). However, it remains very difficult to imagine what kind of merchandise this should be.
Valentine’s Day may not be the first thing you thought of, but it is actually the perfect opportunity for you to link your merchandise to something very special and meaningful. Because let’s be honest, who is not crazy about love? Moreover, your fans probably have a lot of love for you that they would really like to show you as well, and what better way can there be for them to show their love than buying your merchandise?
To be able to implement this plan, you first have to look at what actions will have to be taken. But don’t worry, we will help you with that. Creating the right content for the promotions for your merchandise is very important and requires some research, planning and effort.
The right thing to start with is investigate the current trends among your target group. Based on this information, it can be determined what kind of apparel suits your fans best. Do they prefer t-shirts? Or rather accessories such as bags and caps?

Once you know this, it’s time to investigate the (shopping) habits of your target audience and search on how trends are due to change. Keep in mind that Valentine's shopping habits have changed a lot over the past few years and if you have a various target audience, making different types of apparel is needed. Customers will not only spend money on their significant others, but also on friends and family.

Sending a few emails or posting a few content photos to announce that Valentine’s Day is approaching and therefore telling your audience that they have to buy your merchandise, is definitely not enough. This is why we will provide you some tips to help you stand out from the crowd during one of the busiest retail periods of the year.

- Create a sense of urgency: people are more likely to buy things when they have a fear of missing out. Give your fans a gentle nudge to give your sales a little boost, you can think about a ‘limited time offer’

- Encourage customers to treat themselves: highlighting self-love is another excellent angle for Valentine’s Day.

- Use some humor: try to give your fans and customers a laugh by poking fun at Valentine’s Day or by creating an “anti-valentine’s day” for the haters. Why not include some funny ‘anti-Valentine’s’ day products to satisfy that part of your target audience as well? At least in that case you know for sure that you meet the needs of everyone.  

- Create love themed polls: this can be a fun way to drive engagement with your audience. Ideas for a poll can be showing two outfits, and ask your audience which they would most likely wear on a date

- Create more engagement with your audience by asking them to share love stories but also terrible date stories.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your Valentine campaign interesting for your target audience. But what makes a campaign related to Valentine’s Day even more special than other campaigns? Well, let’s start by telling you a simple fact about one of the many benefits of creating a Valentine’s Day campaign. Research shows that the average person spends over 160 US dollars on Valentine’s Day. The day is really all about showing how much you love each other, and most people do this by buying something special for their loved ones. Your merchandise can be the perfect gift to give, but it can also be a perfect present for the people who don’t have a Valentine, and who want to treat themselves. Statistics show that almost 12% of all single shoppers will buy something special for themselves.

Of course, Yeefu will also contribute to the optimization of your campaign. To start with, the website will receive a Valentine’s makeover, so that the entire website will be dedicated to your campaign. Yeefu is also very open to receiving your personal opinion for the website so if you have some fun ideas, don’t be afraid to share them. These will be taken very seriously.
Furthermore, the website will create an ‘e-gifting solution’, so that your fans have the opportunity to order the merchandise online and then send it as a gift. This can also be used advantageously when distributing social media content. In this way, customers do not have to send the gift themselves, but we do this work for them.
As you can see, there are actually no disadvantages and all the more reason to realize this! Are you as enthusiastic as we are after reading this blog? Let us know! And maybe, we will be soon working together on designing your own Valentine’s Day campaign! 

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