Tips to make your home working days productive (PART l)

Do you need to work from home because of COVID-19? This blog provides you with useful tips to ensure that your homework days are as productive as possible!
by Merle van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
5 mins read

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought many more nasty things besides the many victims, infections and deaths. Drastic measures have been taken by the government to reduce the virus as quickly as possible, which means that we are all at home now. While working from home is probably not even the worst part, it can still be difficult to spend your day as productively as possible. You prefer to do as much work as usual in the office, but no matter how hard you try: you will be more easily distracted. Don't worry, you're not alone, believe me. For that reason, this blog is all you need and after reading this,  you know exactly what to do to work at home as effectively as possible!

1. Ensure routine
Now that you have no travel time to the office, it is understandable that you set your alarm an hour later, but make sure you actually set your alarm! Get out of bed around the same time every day and agree that you will be at your home workplace by a certain time. Why is getting started early so useful you wonder? When you work in the office, there are many factors that help you wake up, such as your trip to the office or your colleagues. When working at home you miss these factors and the rapid transition from getting up and working may lead to start-up problems. One way to work productively from home is to immediately create your to-do list when you wake up. Schedule that appointment early in the morning, or just start a project right away, this ensures that your day will start immediately and you will not have a bad start due to an extensive breakfast or household chores.

2. Design your specific workplace
Just because you're not working in the office now doesn't mean you can't have your own workplace. This is actually extremely important because you have to create a workplace for yourself where you can be least distracted by the things around you. This can be at your desk or in the absence of a bureaucracy, the kitchen table with a comfortable chair. Make sure that you do not suffer from your back. Clean up, make it really your workplace.

3. Structure your day as you would in the office
The moment you work from home instead of the office, you are even more responsible for your own time management and productivity. Make it easy for yourself and design a schedule, in which you will organise what you will do during the day and when. Write down your appointments and online meetings, but don't forget to note your (lunch) breaks as well. This structure will help you stay focused and productive.

Hopefully, these tips can make this tricky situation a little easier for you. If you're curious about more tips, stay alert because the sequel is coming sooner than you think. Stay tuned and more important: STAY AT HOME!

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