Tips to make your home working days productive (PART ll)

Part ll of useful tips for working from home because of the corona virus.
by Merle van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
3 mins read

The coronavirus has a major impact on both our society and our personal lives. There is a good chance that your life will also be affected and for this reason this blog was written. If you are also forced to work from home because of COVID-19, I recommend that you continue reading this blog. In this blog we provide you with useful tips to ensure that you can work at home productively. Just to make sure we can make this situation a little less difficult for you. Curious about more tips? Check our first part for even more exclusive tips to promote working from home.

1. Make it harder for yourself to get on social media

If there's one thing that can be most distracting at work, it's your social media. Before you know it you respond to a notification and suddenly you are half an hour further. This can of course be at the expense of your productivity and that is why it is important to prevent this. To reduce the ease of use of your social media during working hours, you can remove them from your browser shortcuts and log out of any account. Logging out ensures that any web search you type is not automatically completed. It is a guarantee that you will not be tempted to take too many 'social' breaks during the day.

2. Fill up your to-do list!

There is an expression that says, "if you want something done, ask a busy person."
It's a nice human strategy that the more you have to do the more you get done. When you are moving, you keep moving. When you are at rest, you keep being at rest.

3. Use the technology to stay connected

Working from home can make you feel more cut off from your colleagues than usual. This can be demotivating at times so try to avoid this by using tools like Google Hangouts or Google Meet. With this you can hold online meetings or you can easily check how your colleagues are doing and have a chat.

4. Determine an end time for your working day

If you work from home, the pitfall is to keep going. Do you feel tired? Stop in time and make sure you start fresh the next day. Exercise during the break, this is often forgotten but is extremely important: exercising ensures a clear mind and gives you new energy.
Working from home can make you lose the sense of time faster. Establishing an end time for your work can prevent this and keep you productive and effective.

Working from home doesn't have to be that bad. You have no travel time or costs, long meetings or too much social talk, you probably have extra time left. Maybe you are at home with your family so you can use that time for some extra quality time with your family. No family? Then you have some extra time for yourself: start a nice series on Netflix, read a good book or go for a workout.

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