Virtual fundraising ideas to keep you engaged with your fans (PART l)

We have listed a number of ways to raise funds. All this without leaving the house.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
2 mins read

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made social distancing and sitting at home our new normal. Avoid unnecessary contact with others and only go outside if you really need to. This also has implications for nonprofits organizing fundraisers from around the world. These events are canceled and so they cannot collect money for the organization. Fortunately, in 2020 there are a lot of other options for raising money, namely via modern technology. Along with technology and a little bit of creative thinking, there will always be ways to raise money for your nonprofit.

We have listed a total of three different digital ideas for you so that you can do everything to stay connected with your supporters and collect money together for your nonprofit. All this without leaving the house.

Design a t-shirt fundraiser over the internet
One of the easiest and most obvious ways to raise digital money for your nonprofit is to launch a t-shirt campaign on Yeefu. The best part about this is that it doesn't even have to take much time and the platform is free to use! If you have your own design ideas, that is of course very nice, but if you still have trouble coming up with a beautiful, creative idea, our design team is ready for you. Collect money by selling your t-shirt and all this from the comfort of your home.

Once you have completed your t-shirt design and launched your campaign, all you have to do is promote your t-shirt! Tell your fans in as many ways as possible that you have launched a campaign in which they can support you by buying your merch. We probably don't need to tell you how best to do this, but we can tell you from experience that using your social media channels seems to work well. When your campaign is over, we will pack and deliver to your supporters. You do not have to worry about this at all, we will handle this part! 

Video game tournament
Choose a video game alone or with your fans that you all enjoy playing. Together you can then play the video game via a streaming service and organize a tournament with which you can raise money for your cause. For example, the participants would have to pay an entrance fee to participate in the video game tournament and you can decide for yourself how you choose your champion. To create awareness for your cause, you can stream the tournament on all kinds of channels. For example, you can share your screen live via Facebook and Instagram. Convenient platforms to use are 'JustGiving' and 'Tiltify'; on these platforms, your participants can easily make donations during the live stream. They also give viewers the opportunity to make donations, so you are not only dependent on the participants.

If you've never streamed a video game tournament for a good cause before, don't worry. JustGiving and Tiltify have a great set of resources to help you properly host such a video game tournament.

Are you curious about our other idea to collect money digitally for your charity? Keep an eye on our website because part 2 is definitely coming, very soon. 

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