The Secrets to Creating Awesome Company T-shirts

If you are thinking about purchasing company t-shirts, we definitely encourage this idea. Having company t-shirts enforce brand loyalty.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
3 mins read

Wearing company t-shirts is an indispensable part of today. The majority of companies are expected to have company t-shirts and there is plenty of reason for this. Not only are tee's universally liked, but there are also a few other factors why t-shirts can be an important part of a company.

If you are thinking about purchasing company t-shirts, we definitely encourage this idea. Having company t-shirts enforce brand loyalty. Almost the first thing a person does when he wakes up is getting dressed and if this is a company t-shirt they consciously choose it. In addition, it can also make employees feel proud: they choose to wear the company's colors and symbols and show them to the world. It shows that they are part of a team and that is something that motivates the working atmosphere.

Another advantage of company t-shirts is that people often assume that t-shirts have a high perceived value. Think about it, it is considered extremely normal to pay around $ 20 to $ 30 for a shirt, but if you order t-shirts in a bulk quantity, it actually costs so much less. So what is estimated as a high perceived value actually only costs around $ 6-7 per t-shirt.

How to create an awesome company t-shirt
It's time to take a look at some rules that will ensure that your company t-shirt will not fail and become perfect. Of course you can always choose to break these rules and use your own creativity and fantasy, we encourage this! This guideline is only designed to push you in the right direction.

Make sure the t-shirt is soft, fits well on everybody and of course fits comfortably and comfortably! Take the t-shirt of Levi Strauss & Co (Levi’s), a company based in America. There isn't anything very special about the design (it's just the logo), but it is printed on a great fitting and great-feeling shirt. The simplicity of the t-shirt actually makes everyone want to wear it.

Although only putting the logo on a t-shirt works very well at some companies, you can also choose to make a t-shirt design that goes even further than that. For example, you can choose a design in which your company logo is still used, but around this you can put an underlying story by means of texts or drawings. This can make people outside your company really like the t-shirt and might even consider wanting to buy one too.

Order both men and women t-shirts. Yes, women will also fit the unisex t-shirts and of course this is a lot easier to order, but it will give your employees an extra good feeling if they can choose a t-shirt that really suits them. Having these options shows thoughtfulness and intention. It shows that you have made an effort to create something for everyone. Yes, t-shirts may be trivial in this case but it does show that you put your female workers in the same place as the men, it shows equality and respect.

In addition, if you leave the design exactly the same for both t-shirts, it doesn't even cost extra money to order both men and women t-shirts. Now you can order different t-shirts for the same price, promote it on a small scale and show that women have a place at the table within the company.

Now it's time to start designing your company t-shirts! There are a lot of bad company t-shirts in this world that almost assume that company t-shirts cannot be fun, but this is not true at all! Making unique, creative, fun and special company t-shirts is up for grabs at our sister’s company; Saltycustoms.

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At Saltycustoms, they help companies and brands to design t-shirts that you as an organization can be proud of and that you can be sure that your employees have wanted to hang a t-shirt in their closet. Are you interested in designing your unique company t-shirts? Click here and get started right away! Our team is happy to support you in the process. 

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