T-shirt and Ink Color combinations that surprisingly work together

It's easy to stick to the rules and go for a color combo generally accepted but you will be surprised at how great odd colors can actually go together.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
2 mins read

When it comes to creating t-shirts, design is perhaps the most important part. That is why it is not surprising that you want this to go well and you prefer to play safely. It's easy to stick to the rules and go for a color combination generally accepted by people. 

However, there are a lot of less common color combinations that can also be really cool and make your t-shirt design original and trendy. This blog cites these color combinations and takes a closer look at the less common color matchings. You will be surprised how great colors can actually go together.

Green & Light Pink

You see it more and more nowadays: the color combination green and pink. Not only can this color combination be used in furniture, walls, or paintings, but you can also use it very well on a t-shirt. The green color creates a slightly darker and heavier color, while light pink is bright and playful. The colors are exactly opposite each other and that's why they match so well.

Red & Pink
You may think that these two colors are a little too close together on the color wheel to really match. Don't let this stop you from choosing this color combination for your next t-shirt design. Feel free to keep the colors bright. This combination is playful, fun, and makes a point. Not convinced? Just look at the following examples: 

Olive & Gold
This color combination may not be very obvious and you may have even seen it once on a t-shirt. If there are any concerns that these colors will not do your t-shirt too well, then the photo below proves otherwise. This combination is somehow muted and earthy, at the same time it adds shine making it distinctive without being unpleasant.

Black & Gray
Although there is a well-known rule in the fashion world that black and gray and white cannot be matched at all, we don't believe this at all! These two colors go very well together on a t-shirt and a design with these two colors everyone will want to wear.


Orange & Blue
The colors orange and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel, which is why these colors are thought to go well together, although this is not necessarily true. It is better to say that the colors balance each other than that they really look great together. Combining complementary colors often provides a clear, loud and fairly intense image, especially if you use the brightest versions of the colors, the combination can become dangerous. However, if you use slightly lighter versions, it can actually get pretty nice. For example, if you use a navy blue color and a subtle orange color, your t-shirt design can become super cool without becoming too strong.


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