How to Stay Connected With Your Growing Fanbase

Building and maintaining a good relationship with your fan base is extremely important and is also greatly appreciated.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
3 mins read

You have arrived at the point where your fan base is finally growing fairly consistently. You see the number of followers grows more every day, you are probably half-celebrating and half-suppressing a panic attack. You may be thinking, how on earth am I going to keep in touch with all these people? We do have an answer to that.

Building and maintaining a good relationship with your fan base is extremely important and is also greatly appreciated. But as your fan base grows, it becomes more and more difficult to keep in touch with ALL these people. The following ways will help you keep your relationship with your fans personal without breaking your own.

Respond to comments
Keep responding to comments, even for no reason! Not all comments you respond to need to be important or exceptional. Give yourself a reasonable time frame from when to respond to comments, while also accepting that you probably can't respond to everyone! If you have to respond to all the comments you receive, you are taking too long and that creates a lot of stress. Set aside some time weekly or daily to respond to comments from your fan base. Even a simple like or heart reaction can suffice, it shows: "I see you"

Instagram and Facebook Live events

Both Instagram and Facebook give you an easy way to record a live video streaming that your fans can follow. These types of videos can become very personal and contribute to the relationship of you and your fans. You can engage with many people at once by talking to them directly or by answering questions they have asked. A few examples of things you can do when you go Live on Instagram or Facebook are:

  • Q&A session: ask your fans what they want to know about you and collect all these questions so that you can answer them during your live session.
  • Behind the Scenes: Give your fans an exclusive look into your home or a place where you often go.
  • Day in the Life: although we may not always expect it, people often find it very interesting to watch the daily things that a person does. Take your fan base with you when you go shopping or go to the hairdresser or something like that.

Host giveaways
Organizing giveaways in combination with a live stream is a very good way to get in touch with a very large part of your fans. Everyone would like to win something from or with you. This way you give your fans the opportunity to do something with you, also in an informal setting. Suggest to answer some questions or ask if your fans have any nice ideas to do during the event to make it more personal. 

Finding the right balance between serving your fans and keeping your sanity is a learned skill. Listen carefully to yourself and know your limits. After some time you will learn exactly how to nurture your fans in ways that leave you and them feeling excited.

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