How Technology is Changing the Clothing Industry

With current technological developments, it is only logical that the fashion industry is also influenced by this.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
2 mins read

With current technological developments, it is only logical that the fashion industry is also influenced by this. There is, of course, a clear difference in how people used to barely order anything online and how it can no longer be ignored nowadays. But how should today's fashion companies adapt to survive this technological revolution? The future of fashion evaluates the perception of the customer's shopping experience.

How people used to put the newest clothes on the mannequins has drastically changed the ways of showing new designs. Almost every designer nowadays uses social media to show the latest designs to the world. Not only the designs for the show, but the brands also use smart online marketing strategies to ensure that the design is spread. It is not easy for a company to personalize the customer experience via the online internet. Yet many brands have found a solution to this and are trying to optimize this customer experience. With the use of algorithms, chatbots and data analysis, a company can come up with personalized products, recommendations, discounts, tailor-made offers and storytelling that connect digitally with its customers.

A good example of a company that has taken technological developments to its advantage is Sephora. Creating a virtual assistant was a game-changer, specifically tailoring cosmetics recommendations to the client's exact skin type, tone, eyes, or hair color. This resulted in double-digit earnings growth for the company.

Because consumers nowadays shop from the bank, they think the experience is more important than the products. When they actually go to the store, they come across an old acquaintance with whom they can plan a new date such as a salsa lesson, lunch or dinner, or another fun occasion. Now that this is no longer present, it is important for companies to look at how they can digitally replace this experience. Given how emotions define who we are, how we live, and shape our perception of brands, experiential marketing and communities will change the relationship between brands and consumers forever.

Fashion is a complicated and constantly changing industry. Big challenges bring big opportunities, and by focusing on customers' psychology and emotions and developing deep human connections, marketers will thrive. 

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