Seller's Guide: How to design a face mask for your community

Masks seem to be a part of our daily lives now, and they likely won’t be going away anytime soon.
by Merle Van Wieringen on 12-Apr-2021
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Masks seem to be a part of our daily lives now, and they likely won’t be going away anytime soon. Yeefu now has customizable face masks available for you to design and sell to your community. 

The Yeefu face masks are 3 layer masks that are designed for daily wear and are washable so you can clean them for reuse. They have comfortable ribbed binding ear loops to keep the product attached to your face. 

Printing on Masks
Masks are one of our smallest items and the printable area is small, too. We offer two different printing methods for the mask which are logo print and dye-sublimation print. The logo printable area is 2” and dye-sub is an all-over print which is 3” high and 4” wide.

You can print a design that has up to 3 colors for logo size and up to 8 colors for dye sublimation. The price of the masks will increase as you use more colors, so keep your design 1-3 colors if your goal is to maximize profits or funds raised. 

Design Ideas for Face Masks
Although they are pretty small, there are a few different ways to design your face mask. We’ll give you some design ideas as well as design standards for our printing process to help you end up with the best mask possible.

Use Your Logo
As many schools, businesses, and other public places continue to require masks to be worn, there’s a great opportunity to design masks with your logo or mascot on them. Simply upload and place your business, school, or nonprofit’s logo to the design tool and place it on your mask. 

Share Your Views 
Masks are worn right at eye-level, and thus, have become a popular way to share views and get the attention of others. If you are fundraising or raising awareness for a cause you care about, consider adding masks to the lineup. Make your message easy to read, even from 6 feet away. 

Promote an Upcoming Event
In these difficult times, many events have been rescheduled, canceled, or altered to meet COVID-19 guidelines. If you happen to have an upcoming event, whether virtual or in-person, think about designing a face mask for it!

“Face” Masks
A popular design trend we’re seeing, especially for animal rescues, is the “face” mask. Design a mask with the snout of a dog, cat, or other animal associated with your organization or business. This is a lighthearted and fun way to make masks a little more enjoyable to wear.

Match Your Masks With Your Apparel

If you already sell other products, you may decide to simply use the same design on your masks that you are already using on t-shirts or tote bags. Depending on the type of merchandise you are creating and why you are making it, keeping things simple may be the best and easiest way to go.

Create Complementary Mask and Apparel Sets

If you have been selling merch for a while, it might be a good idea to create a mask design that complements the other merchandise you have available already. If you think most of your masks sales will come from existing buyers, you will want to catch their eye with a fresh design.  

Design Placement Tips
Face masks are pretty small, and there aren’t too many options about how you can place your design on your masks. But, we have three options for you to consider. 

Subdued Design in the corner


If you want your design to be more subtle, you can shrink it down and put it in the corner of the printable area on your mask. This is a good option if you are creating masks for volunteers or employees when working in your business or nonprofit facility. In a way, it’s the “embroidered polo-shirt” of masks.

Tall and In-the-Center


The most common way to design our face masks is by making the artwork large and centered in the middle of the mask. If your logo or design is more vertical, make your design reach both the top and bottom edges of the printable area.



If you want to make use of every inch of fabric available, design your artwork to be horizontal, mirroring the shape of the mask itself. This is a great option if you want to put words on it that could be read from 6 feet away. 

Face masks may not be our favorite new accessory of 2020, but they help keep our communities safe! Design unique face masks for the people in your community today!

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