How To Brand Your Story

Learn how to write a brand story that stays on your customer’s mind, and discover inspiring examples of brand stories
by Jesyln on 18-Aug-2021
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We are all interesting individuals and when we hear a well-crafted story, obviously our brain lights up and we respond more positively to it! Engaging narratives help us process information, remember facts, and bond with the characters. 

Compelling brand stories build trust, increase customer loyalty, and inspire engagement. Today’s customers are interested in what your business stands for, not just the services you offer or the quality of your products. That’s why every brand needs to tell its story, your story. 

Learn how to write a brand story that stays on your customer’s mind, and discover inspiring examples of brand stories

What is a brand story? 

A brand story represents your company/Yourself: it describes your business idea, explains your brand’s mission and vision, and portrays the people. 

Your story should clarify what you do, how you do it, and most importantly why you do it. Easy right?

How to write a brand story?

There’s no formula for a winning brand story because every person is unique. However, there are some golden rules: be honest, have a clear structure, and highlight important facts about your brand. The most compelling brand stories evoke an emotional reaction in their fans and family.

Be honest

Stay true to your experience, beliefs, and values. Instead of copying someone else’s story, consider what’s special about your brand and try to convey that to your audience. The truth always comes out in the end, so it’s better to be honest from the start.

Your brand story should be reflected throughout your customer’s journey. For example, if you say that you started your business to donate to the community, then: 

  • How can your cause benefit the community?

  • Do you donate to charity? 

  • Do you sell eco-friendly products?

Make sure your brand story and mission reflects through your behaviours and customer touchpoints.

Have a clear structure

Plan the structure of your brand story. This helps you create a cohesive picture of your brand and keep your audience engaged. You can decide whether to tell the story from a chronological point of view or divide it in thematic blocks that each focus on a different aspect of your business.

Remember that you have to open with something that people want to read—you have to hook your audience.

Start with introducing yourself and your brand. After the intro, move on to the body of the text—describe your mission and vision, why you started your brand in the first place, and other real life situations make your brand more believable. End the story with a conclusion.

Highlight important facts

To keep your audience enthused, don’t dwell on plain data and insignificant details about your business. Instead, share valuable insights, interesting incidents, and unique facts. 

To decide what’s important and what’s not, use the “replace the brand name” trick: 

  • Write down a fact about you or your brand

  • Replace the name with a catchy brand name

  • Read it again 

If you don’t care about it, rephrase the fact—think about what makes it interesting from a customer’s perspective. Try thinking about the benefits, not the features—how does your brand help your customer? Why does the audience need your product or service?

To help you focus on what’s important, we’ve comprised a list of storytelling essentials. When crafting your brand story, keep these 4 C’s in mind:

  1. Conflict

  2. Characters

  3. Community

  4. Confidence

Be You, It’s your turn

Brand storytelling is one the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand and build a bridge between you and your audience. Share your core values, beliefs, and mission. Be honest, real, and transparent—your customers will appreciate that.

Now that you know how to write your brand story, learn how to promote your campaign and proudly show off your brand identity throughout your website and social media.

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