4 Ways To Use Swag for Virtual Events

Like a lot of you, what we thought would be a busy year of events and conferences has been flipped upside down.
by Jeslyn on 25-Aug-2021
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Like a lot of you, what we thought would be a busy year of events and conferences has been flipped upside down. Luckily, this has given rise to a new type of professional event –– the virtual event!

Companies and event organizers have been quick to pivot to hosting events online and that’s where we come in - we’re here to give tips on how to use swag to keep things exciting, create engagement, and overall enhance the virtual event experience.

Check out 4 ways that we’ve seen some of our customers successfully incorporate their swag to make the most out of their virtual event!

1. Have a swag kit to sent to all attendees

One of the most exciting parts of attending a conference is registering and receiving your complimentary swag bag. Just because an event is virtual doesn't mean you should take away this experience!

Giving out swag to attendees may be more impactful now than it ever has been, as people are yearning to feel a sense of normalcy, and there aren't many things more normal and comforting than receiving some classic welcoming swag

2. Use swag to book a meeting as a sponsor

Swag is a great source of lead generation at a conference or event, and that doesn't have to change when it comes to virtual events! If you're sponsoring an event, instead of booking in-person demos of your product in exchange for some swag, just do it virtually!

Make sure attendees know you're giving away swag in exchange for booking a meeting or watching a video about your product and watch the leads come flying in.

Pro-tip: make sure to include pictures of the swag you're giving away when you're letting people know.

3. Give away swag for top attenders

This one's pretty simple if you're hosting a virtual event –– offer a more exclusive swag item, or maybe a bundle, for attendees who attend the most conference sessions. This can be a good way of making sure you keep attendance high throughout the entirety of the conference, and it makes for a fun, engaging game for attendees.

4. Use swag to follow up with contacts after  the conference

If you're a sponsor and you were collecting leads at a virtual event, sending them some company swag could be a great way of closing a potential deal. Reaching out via a cool t-shirt or a face mask is a lot more memorable and engaging. Sending out swag after an event can be wildly effective in helping you close deals.

Like we mentioned earlier, finding a swag supplier who will ship to individuals, rather than purely in bulk, is key here.

Bring swag back to events

Virtual events were on virtually nobody's radar 5 months ago. Now, they're the new norm (for the moment at least), and it's time to start leaning into it a bit and figuring out how to get the most out of your virtual events.

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