Promotional practices that are *really* working right now

Start glowing up your social media platforms and get on top of your promo game ready for the holiday season.
by Jeslyn on 29-Sep-2021
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Start glowing up your social media platforms and get on top of your promo game ready for the holiday season. Keep reading to discover our round-up of techniques and content creation hacks to use across your social media platforms.

1. Plan Merch Photoshoot

Posting your own content that shows yourself posing or using your own merch is KEY. For all types of creators, showing off the quality of your products to your audience helps to increase sales as well as establish your personal brand. After receiving your samples, Creators should set up their own DIY photoshop and style your merch in a way that engages your audience.  Always make sure to provide links and references to your products by using #linkinbio on Instagram posts and including URL links in your captions and descriptions

Creating video content is an effective way also to capture the interest of your community of fans on social media. Use platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram IGTV, Reels, and Stories to upload dynamic videos featuring your merch samples–this way it can help your audience visualize much better the product you are promoting. Wear your merch while filming, mention your products within your content, and even consider filming a dedicated editorial style video to announce the launch of your products.

  1. Collect and share social proof

Photos of happy buyers wearing your merchandise can generate excitement and interest, as well as affirm the value and quality of the products you’re selling. That is why many successful creators incorporate social proof into their promotional efforts by sharing their customer’s photos/videos. Buyer selfies act as positive reviews of your products and sharing them is an engaging way of generating trust in your brand

Make it an effort to encourage buyers to share photos wearing your products. Double up this kind of content for your own social channels and promote the popularity of your products, but also a way to get your community hyped to be featured. Sharing your fan’s content helps you interact on a more personal level with your community while building relationships with your followers, encouraging loyalty, and building trust.

  1. Brand consistency

It’s important to create brand consistency across all of your social platforms so followers can easily recognize you—we recommend using branding elements from your merch store. The most important promotional practice is making sure you’re frequently sharing good quality imagery with your followers. Consider creating a schedule of your content across all social media platforms. Try to post at least 3-5 times a week with a variety of content. Come up with a strategy and experiment with posting at certain times of the day to see which posts get more engagement.


Now with all these promotional practices, you are ready to start your own campaign on Yeefu! Head to the dashboard to get started.

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