Woof Warrior T-Shirt

Available 27.06.2024–11.07.2024
Shipping starts on 01.08.2024
We love dogs - and the people who love dogs.

At Woof My Roof, we're on a mission to provide food, shelter, and homes for strays.

We practice TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Release, a humane & proven method to control stray populations. Dogs are trapped, neutered, and then returned to their location. Since we started, we've cared for over 150 strays and were able to find homes for 60.

Some people have asked us if we have a goal. Our answer? Our work is a marathon, not a sprint. We're playing the infinite game.

The challenge with our work is that it requires plenty of resources and time. The need for help is constant.

That's why we launched the Woof Warrior merchandise. Every purchase of our exclusive merchandise goes into saving a life.

All profits go into:
- Delivering meals for our strays at Kapar
- Neutering and medical bills incurred in the TNR process.
- Rescue & rehoming operations 

- Building shelters for our strays (25 built so far!)

When you buy a Woof Warrior tee, you're not just getting a piece of clothing. You're becoming a vital part of a lifesaving effort. Wear the tee with pride and spread the word, knowing you've made a difference in a stray's life.

Together, we can give these strays the second chance they deserve.
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