Let's be #SelflessTogether

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

While many of us have access to quality education, thousands of children do not.

At SelflessTogether, our vision is to provide quality education to children who lack access to formal education. We believe every child is precious and deserves the opportunity to learn, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or background. 

Our journey began in 2020 when we identified a community of poor refugees in need of food assistance.

We soon noticed that children, aged 7 and above, were not attending school. This led us to establish a learning center where they could learn for free. Five years later, we now have two learning centers in Penang, serving 140 children. Additionally, we have the Yang Ikhlas Ibu project, which aims to empower refugees and single mothers through skills training workshops and language classes.

We also collaborate with local health clinics to address the basic and medical needs of the communities we serve.

Running a free school for 140 underprivileged children is not easy. We need to cover the costs of paying teachers, renting space, and providing learning materials.

The life-changing work of SelflessTogether is made possible only through a chain of giving, involving donors and supporters like you.

To support our mission, 100% of the profits from SelflessTogether merchandise go towards providing education for our children, offering food aid to families in need, and expanding our reach to more children.

These t-shirts are more than just clothing; they symbolize hope and opportunity.

When you wear them, you become part of our mission to promote kindness and compassion. Most importantly, be Selfless Together.

Learn more at: https://selflesstogether.com/

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